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Single Use Plastics

Single Use Plastic Ban

What you need to know.

As an Australian Owned Family Business since 1969, Lombard the Paper People

have been pioneering environmental projects that continue today.

With our longstanding relationship with the Australian Packaging Covenant,

we continue to lead the charge in sustainable food packaging for the hospitality industry.

That’s why we are making it our mission to educate our staff to

help our customers to understand what they need to do and will continue

to keep up to date with every change as they come through.

Our World Today.
As the World comes together to nurture our planet, Australia is doing their part in

progressively banning single use plastics state-by-state,

in line with the 2025 National Packaging Targets – but as each phase out rolls out,

it can be very tricky to navigate. As a result, we will help break it down for you!

Please find below links to your States Single-Use Plastics information














Lombard The Paper People - Packaging a Better World
We are here to help you through this transition with our huge range of alternative packaging products available.


If you have any questions please contact your local Lombard The Paper People.

VIC Branch

NSW Branch

QLD Branch

WA Branch

Lombard The Paper People environmental pioneers since 1969.


ACT Effective 1 July 2021


TAS Effective 1 July 2021


NT Effective 1 Jan 2019


SA Effective 1 March 2021


WA By 2023


NSW By 2025


QLD Effective 1 Sept 2021


VIC By Feb 2023

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