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Lombard The Paper People have been at the forefront of Environmentally Friendly packaging since 1969.

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We are proud to be a part of the Australian Packaging Covenant and use Covenant Performance Objectives.

Performance Objectives:

  • Better packaging design

  • Increased reduction, re-use and recycling of used packaging materials

  • Reduced use of non-recyclable material

  • Reduced amount of used packaging materials going to landfill

  • Reduced incidence of packaging being littered

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Lombard Ecology. Do you Care? We Do

Our Lombard Ecology brand was specifically designed to meet Environmental Standards. With products to fit all waste streams, as well as degradable wooden cutlery, full range of PET disposable cups, we continue to source the most comprehensive range of ecology packaging in the world.

In 1969, we began pioneering environmental projects that continues to today:

  • Lombard used “Keep Australia Beautiful” before the council was formed

  • 30 years ago all our plastic bags had “bring back your bag & get 10 cents off

  • Lombard are involved in helping in a breeding program of the southern white rhinos

  • Lombard constantly update our ranges to assist in our responsibility to the environment

  • Lombard have a Tree Free paper solution that will be the basis of our packaging range


Lombard Planet SaverTM

Lombard Planet SaverTM is our environmental range of tree free paper products made from Bamboo.

Benefits of using Bamboo over Trees:

  • Highly renewable

  • Does not need replanting

  • Grows 10 times faster

  • Absorbs over 4 times more carbon

  • Can also be recycled and re-used

  • Purifies soil instead of eroding it

Lombard The Paper People Environmental Philosophy Est.1969

We believe that trees at all times be preserved in their natural environment, especially

The Amazon and old growth jungles. It takes 200 years to replace a 200 year old tree. We feel passionately against the displacement of animals and habitat destruction for the pursuit of profit, including the overfishing of our seas and palm oil production. We are against irresponsible, degradable plastic products and are against all forms of hunting for pleasure. 

 Contact Us about our Environmental Range Today.

Lombard Planet SaverTM Tree Free range includes:

Lombard Planet SaverTM Tree Free Food Containers

No trees harmed making this container

Lombard Planet SaverTM Tree Free Coffee Cups

No trees harmed making this cup

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