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 Custom Events & Theme Kits 

Jazz up your shopfront, decorate your door for a grand opening

or cater to a specific community of people with a little bit of theatrical fun!

Research shows that adding a bit of theatre to an otherwise regular experience not only boosts

staff morale, the community and environment but attracts customers, keeps you relevant and

of course increases the likelihood of transactions.

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Event Kits

Grand openings, expos,

sporting events and so much more!

Stay relevant and draw in customers with your marketing campaigns and promotions.

Staying relevant and being on trend has never been easier with the Lombard The Paper People team in charge of your window displays, in-store promotional material and exceptional entrances.

Theme kits

Theme kits are specifically designed and tailored to suit your needs and individual campaigns.

Aged care residences, canteens, mining communities and even day-care centres are finding great value in not only dressing up one section of their business,

but their whole franchise of businesses

to create a sense of uniformity and community.


Custom Balloons

Keep your brand, promotion or socials top of mind.

It's one thing to have customers through your

doors, but it's another to remind them

throughout their shopping experience of the

reason they're with you today.

Make their experience memorable.

Printed balloons can be ordered instore, through our customer care team.

why custom kits?

Custom Kits are tailored to your specific purpose. You decide on the quantity required,

your overall budget or per-pack spend and we design, pack and deliver.

So, if you're celebrating a business-wide initiative, an in-store moment, or a yearly campaign

get in touch to arrange your design for delivery.

*Minimal Order Quantities Apply

Official Licencees

Lombard are exceptionally proud to produce custom event & theme kits as well as other great promotional merchandise

options under license. This means that not only are you getting the official gear and supporting the clubs and codes

your clients support, you are also helping to maintain legitimacy in the marketplace.

Our Licenses

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