Single Use Plastics - New South Wales

As the World comes together to nurture our planet, Australia is doing their part in progressively banning single use plastics state-by-state, in line with the 2025 National Packaging Targets – but as each phase out rolls out,

it can be very tricky to navigate. As a result, we will help break it down for you!

Here's where we're at for New South Wales!


Prohibited from the sale, supply or distribution in New South Wales, effective Nov 1st 2021:

  • Lightweight plastic bags

  • Single-use plastics *straws

  • Single-use plastics *stirrers

  • Single-use plastics *cutlery

  • Single-use plastics *swizzle sticks

  • Single-use plastics *chopsticks & food picks

  • Single-use plastic bowls and plates

  • EPS takeaway food service items, such as clamshells, cups, plates and bowls

  • Single-use plastic cotton buds and microbeads in certain personal care products

*The ban applies even if these items are made from biodegradable, compostable, or bio-plastics. This includes those made from Australian certified compostable plastic.


  • Serving utensils such as salad servers or tongs

  • Items included in shelf-ready pre-packaged food and beverage items (example: straw on a juice-box)

  • Single-use plastic bowls designed or intended to have a spill-proof lid, such as those used for a takeaway soup

  • Barrier bags such as bin liners, human or animal waste bags

  • Produce bags and deli bags

  • Bags used to contain medical items (excluding bags provided by a retailer to a consumer used to transport medical items from the retailer).

The ban does not apply to EPS:

  • Meat or produce trays

  • Packaging, including consumer and business-to-business packaging and transport containers

  • Food service items that are an integrated part of the packaging used to seal or contain food

  • Beverages, or are including within or attached to that packaging, through an automated process (such as an EPS noodle cup).


While we're doing everything we can to stay up to date with the latest news, you can find the most recent information on the New South Wales Government Website.

Content correct at time of publishing.

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