Don’t pay the ultimate price

Paying the ultimate price isn’t about the bottom line – it never was. Get what you pay for when you’re considering purchasing packaging for your business.

Without sounding crass, there’s a reason that container seeps, that coffee cup leaks or that detergent doesn’t clean and it’s generally because Marylin from accounts has looked at the bottom line and told Alex from purchasing to dial it back a bit.

Sorry Marylin, we need to chat.

MOQs are standard but so are samples Quantity over quality because minimum order requirements taking up maximum real-estate at your business, affects your bottom line more than you realise. For example, ordering 50,000 cups because it was cheaper to do so is one thing. But ordering 50,000 of the BAD QUALITY cups, upsetting your loyal customers and having to either store it or ever or throw them away can be a costly mistake. Make sure your supplier puts your happiness first and offers samples – it’s the only way to be sure you’re getting what you pay for!

Customer consideration Your customers are your biggest fans and should be your number one priority. Do you know what’s important to them? It could be the convenience of your heat and eat containers. It might be the fact that they can stack and store a meal for the whole family for later. It might even be they know that your coffee cups are environmentally friendly, and their morning cuppa isn’t chopping down trees. Whatever they’re looking for, you know you need to have it – it’s why they love you!

The test of time

And let’s be honest, time is the biggest test there is! Does your packaging stand up to the test or does your food dry out, your bags get grease stains and your food get cold before your customers can enjoy it? Will your trays cope with the morning office coffee run or will Monica find herself muddied with muck in the elevator between ground and three? Inferior products will cost you your customers and eventually, your business.

Packaging shouldn’t cost the planet! And with Lombard The Paper People’s Enviro Range, it won’t! Chances are that your customers are as concerned about the environment as we in the packaging industry are. But do you (and do they) know what we’re doing about that? Our environmental range of tree free paper products made from Bamboo which is highly renewable, does not need replanting and absorbs over 4 times more carbon. It can also be recycled and re-used while purifying soil instead of eroding it. It’s safe to say that Lombard have been environmental pioneers since 1969!

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